True Love

I’m Lisa Dennis

I am here because I believe that happiness is possible if we will do a step forward to each other. I did mine, now is your turn;{}.

You don’t have to throw the whole world at my feet, it’s enough just to love me…
I traveled a lot and worked abroad and I like men abroad care of their ladies. That`s why I`m here:)
I’m a young cheerful active girl, an optimist, and a dreamer. You will never hear me complaining because as they say my glass of water is always half full. You may be sure I am as comfortable in jeans as in an evening gown.
I love to laugh and I am the type of woman who considers her blessings as opposed to complaining about what she does not have. We could reach everything we dream about if we have mutual desires, interests, and love. Do you agree?
I`d like to know you, my dear, and we`ll be able to find happiness together!
Looking forward to your reply to my email[]




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